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Multi-format e-reader for Android devices, enriched with powerful functional range and toolset for handy reading. The application supports operations with such formats, as: fb2, ePub, txt, PDF, doc, docx, cbr, cbz, rtf, DjVu, html, mobi, xps, odt, rar & zip, MP3.
Version 4.0.6
Date: Yesterday, 19:09
What's New
File size: 22.8 MB
  • Optimizations to operating speed of the app 
  • Enhanced support of .pdf and .djvu documents
  • Redesigned preview of .pdf, .cbz and .cbr pages
  • Fixed a range of the application crashes
Version 4.0.5
Date: 06.11.2018
What's New
File size: 22.0 MB
  • Fixed turn-off the music stream on FullReader launch
  • Improved page turning animation
  • Fixed loading covers for books
  • Fixed many other issues thanks to your feedbacks
Version 4.0.4
Date: 11.10.2018
What's New
File size: 21,5 МБ
  • Brightness control at swipe from left to the display center
  • Black theme (energy efficient for AMOLED displays)
  • Display of book covers in tiles
  • Option for the bottom toolbar customization for fb2, ePub, txt, doc, docx, rtf, html, htm, mobi
  • Option “Open the latest book at the app start”
  • New section “Downloads” in Explorer
  • Search in Bookmarks and Notes
  • Timer for auto turn off for TTS
  • Button for copying the Notes text while reading
  • Zoom option for some formats
Version 4.0.3
Date: 18.09.2018
What's New
File size: 25.6 MB
  • text fitting between top and bottom toolbars (fullscreen mode is activated at a tap on the screen center)
  • auto-brightness
  • option to save pictures from books
  • optimization for devices with Cutout
  • widget for Favorites
  • option to disable bottom status bar
  • navigation to book chapters
  • FAQ button location in the side menu
  • page flipping became more smooth Fixed:
  • issue when the font type and size were not applied for EPUB files
  • numerous issues discovered due to your feedbacks
Version 4.0.2
Date: 20.08.2018
What's New
File size: 25.2 MB
  • error occurred when files are opened from third-party applications;
  • error after an attempt to save the screen brightness settings;
  • hanging during audiobooks listening.
Version 4.0.1
Date: 10.08.2018
What's New
File size: 25.2 MB
  • Bug fixed with resetting the reading position after the book is closed.
  • Added to scan list.
  • Minor bug-fixes for stable applet operating.
Version 4.0.0
Date: 03.08.2018
What's New
File size: 24.4 MB

Yes! Your guess is right! From now on we gradually introduce a long-expected version of the app for our users - FullReader 4.0!!!🍾🎈🎉🎈

We are very ashamed of the previous app version, so here you have it - the new FullReader. We published full information on the update in our blog:

Important!!! Unfortunately, the bookmarks you've saved in the previous version will be lost after updating. All other data will be transferred to the new version.☝️⚠️

Version 3.5.0
Date: 25.12.2017
What's New
File size: 30.4 MB
  • Our developers team congratulates users with upcoming New Year holidays! We wanted to please You with long-expected global update, but bugs don't really want to end up. But! We try to fix them as fast as we can, we promise You to work hard with tangerines under the Christmas tree! Meanwhile, small update with corrections in familiar reader version! 

  • Fixed the issue connected with brightness control during reading on some devices.?

Version 3.4.8
Date: 04.09.2017
What's New
File size: 28.3 MB
  • We updated applicaion privacy policy and added relevant section in FAQ.
  • At once we apologize for adding full screen advertisement... Unfortunately this is a forced measure, because our developers refuse to work for food.
  • Our team continue to work over global update. We have already implemented most of your wishes. Meanwhile, we promise to share promocodes for ads blocking with You every week in our page on Facebook Facebook.
Version 3.4.7
Date: 15.03.2017
What's New
File size: 28.1 MB
  • Fixed some formats opening from archives.
  • Fixed an issue in autopaging functioning.
  • Fixed reading statistics functionality.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • From FullReader+ v. 3.4.7 the AdLocker will NOT be supported! AdLocker blocks advertisement in previous versions only, including FullReader+ v.3.4.6. If You want to proceed AdLocker usage, please contact us via email: